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Our objectives are founded upon the seriousness, the courtesy and the punctuality of the answers. The inside organization is finalized for also satisfying the demands of all the clients the most demanding. The promptness of the deliveries they are for us primary objectives.

The CI.BI. GOMMA 2 work in the field with personal of matured experience, therefore in degree to offer to the clientele produced to tall qualitative content, specialized technical support, in brief times and according to the in demand demands.

Consulting our virtual catalog you can view a vast range of products:
You outline handrail for staircases and mobile sidewalks - Molding of gaskets and products to sketch - Covering of rolls - Ribbons for sabbiatrici and other employments both for heavy carpentries and to read.

The rubber during the years is used in very different sectors among them more and more, as its various application, in virtue of his/her own physical and chemical characteristics. The great resistance to the bumps, to the variation of temperature and the resistance to the oxidation, to the hydrolysis and the action of microorganisms, they guarantee an elevated level of quality and safety. The elastic structure allows a good answer the vibrations and the elevated weights.

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