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You outline handrail in rubber and in thermoplastic

The corrimanis are very important structural elements to guarantee to the consumers a good safety level, in a situation of precarious equilibrium and advertising vehicle. Continuous....

Ribbons conveyors - Elevators

The ribbons conveyors are employed in the more ones I varied sectors where they require the movimentazione of heavier materials, or for connections among you install, embracing so manifold categories d 'employment, therefore ribbons can be realized in rubber, PVC and in Poliuretano, with the possibility to apply on his/her own carrying coverages, edges of containment, fillets, guides, perforations for application of cups. In the coverages inferior guides of centraggio. Continuous....

Ribbons in rubber for sabbiatrici
Ribbons with special fresature and holes

You workmanship in this specific field is able' to vary to according
to of the greatness of the boxes.  Continuous....

Realization Industrial Gaskets of every typology also in account job what:

  • Expanded rubber, to closed or open cells, also adhesive.

  • You articulate in graphite where it requires a temperatures application raised or for estate of oils, solvents, vapors, etc.

  • Exempt from asbestos with universal employments: with water, oils, gasoline, gas-oil, air and non elevated temperatures,

     middle tall. With employments of excellent resistance to the pressures, solicitation mechanics,
     saturated vapor and elevated temperatures.

  • Washers to standard measure and not, proper for all the types of industrial employment

With the new technology the production is boundless, in effects it is possible to effect any piece is asked for having available us a technical sketch in PDF, DXF or DWG, a magnetic support, or with the survey of the quotas from the champion. continuous..

Gummed wheels

Particular Printouts

Brush staircases of it mobili


Flat straps in gummed fabric - Ribbons in PVC
The flat straps are realized in cotton fabric, with gummed cloths and fogliettate, available from 2 to 6 cloths with correspondents loads of breakup from 120 to 480 kg/cm.
They are generally employed for:

  • Transmissions of power

  • Plain having conveyors of slide in plate

  • Cups elevators

  • Available widths up to 1000 mm.


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