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You outline handrail in rubber and in thermoplastic

You outline handrail in rubber and in thermoplastic
Our strength is the installation and the sale of the profiles handrail in rubber with structure to steel cables, slide with cloths in nylon or cotton, on the whole national territory where he/she is wanted to facilitate the movement.
I don't complete found success the inserted products as novelty in the year 2012 :
The Thermoplastic black, or in the colored (red, green, orange tree, blue and yellow) variations.
Together to the possibility to personalize any type in profile with (rubber or thermoplastic) an advertising film, ideal for commercial centers, subways, airports, stations etc.

The CI. BI. GOMMA 2 it boasts in his/her store the giacenza of well 6.000 meters divided in the ten sections. Guaranteeing deliveries of the closed profiles to ring in one day and the timely intervention on the place of our mobile unities equipped with the most advanced and modern united technologies to the qualified and formed technicians, to resolve any situation.


Advantages for the owners:
What the advantages are for the owners of the mobile staircases:
- Increase of the advertising proceeds
-  Use of structures in precedence unproductive
- A best communication with the clients
- To improve the aesthetical aspect of the spaces
- Least loss of time

Advantages for the consumers:
- Best aspect of the mobile staircase
- More environment' involving
- Source of "you sprout of reflection"
- Protection antimicrobica of the handrail
- Reduction of the static electricity of the handrail


Advantages for the advertisers:
- Possibility to capture the attention of the public with     new   advertising bases
- Tall number of contacts with the target of reference -       innovative Positioning of you announce him
- Long period of exposure guaranteed - ideal Mean for     the   use of the viral marketing.


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