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Conveyor belts - Elevators - Flat belts - Roller coverings and accessories

The rubber conveyor belts in standard, oil-proof, heat-proof or fishbone versions, with rubber covers with different characteristics according to the types of materials transported.
A - Resistant core: composed of 2 or more synthetic fiber plies, with a differentiated structure (polyester/nylon) with strong specific loads, low elongation, high resistance to repeated stress.
B - Tire coverage: differentiated in relation to the physical- mechanical characteristics of the material transported, to ensure that it lasts over time in any operating condition.

The characteristics:

• Running stability
• High flexibility
• Excellent resistance to humidity
• Compact core
• Standard operating temperature from – 20°C to + 80°C
• Anti-heat temperatures from – 20°C to + 150 /180°C
• Smooth or honeycomb load-bearing covers with sliding structures in creeping version
• Available from 2 to 5 plies with corresponding breaking loads from 160 to 630 Kg/cm.
• To the international standards DIN 22102

Elevators - Roller coating and accessories
The coatings of rollers, vibrating channels and hoppers are carried out hot and cold on a large dimensional scale, both in a single body and in sectors for large dimensions. Using rubber or polyurethane compounds, with the variations of the surfaces that can be created, as well as in the smooth or rhombus version, fishbone or spiral grooves can be made. All upon specific customer request.
Don't forget the

Rollers for load-bearing stations
Motorized drums
Mechanical hinged joints
Buckets for elevators
Assistance service for assembly and repair of belts
 rubber conveyors
Round bars and sheets in “WKL” polyurethane – PVC – Profiles in general

Cleaners with rubber scraping blades and WKL Rubber supports
 neo- prenic, also reinforced Transmission belts for the construction sector and   Rubber containment flaps for spare parts for road machinery.
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