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Rubber and thermoplastic handrail profiles

Our strength is the installation and sale of rubber handrail profiles with steel cable structure, sliding with nylon or cotton fabrics, throughout the national territory where you want to facilitate movement.
Last but not least, the products included as novelties in 2012 were successful:

THE THERMOPLASTIC black, or in the colored variants (red, green, orange, blue and yellow).
Together with the possibility of customizing any type of profile (rubber or thermoplastic) with an advertising film, ideal for shopping centres, subways, airports, stations etc.

C. BI. GOMMA 2 boasts 6,000 meters of stock in its warehouse divided into ten sections. Guaranteeing deliveries of closed ring profiles in one day and timely on-site intervention of our mobile units equipped with the most advanced and modern technologies combined with qualified and trained technicians, to resolve any situation.

Benefits for owners:

What are the benefits for escalator owners:
Increased advertising revenue • Use of previously unproductive facilities
• Better communication with customers
• Improve the aesthetic appearance of spaces
• Minimum waste of time
• Better communication with customers
• Improve the aesthetic appearance of spaces
• Minimum waste of time
Benefits for consumers:

• Better appearance of the escalator
• More engaging environment
• Source of "food for thought"
• Antimicrobial protection of the handrail
• Reduction of static electricity of the handrail
Benefits for advertisers:

• Ability to capture audience attention with new platforms
• High number of contacts with the target audience
• Innovative positioning of the ads
• Long exposure period guaranteed
• Ideal medium for the use of viral marketing.

039.6095807 039.6095283
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
Viale delle Industrie, 2120874 Busnago
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