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Rubber belts for sandblasters


In this sector the strips are made with thicknesses ranging from 9 mm to 16 mm with the possibility of applying standard rounded strips in sizes from 500 - 600 - 700 mm while the feasible holes range from 2.5 mm to 30 mm diameter with the drilling line parallel or staggered. Last but not least, central toothed guides can be applied for the stability of the belt.
Please remember that all our processes are carried out using HOT vulcanization.

• Special applications
• Fitness tapes
• With herringbone slats for elevated transport
• With honeycomb relief bearing surface for transporting non-melted materials
• With smaller rough surface for use on conveyors with sheet metal or plastic laminate sliding surfaces
• With wavy container edges up to 200 mm high
• Bucket elevators
• With transversal strip applications in various profiles and sections
• With applied trapezoidal guides in various unified sections

Large dimensions available for all versions up to 1800 mm.
All the versions indicated above comply in terms of mechanical, technological and dimensional characteristics with international ISO standards and national standards with DIN 22102.
039.6095807 039.6095283
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
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