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CI.BI.GOMMA 2 s.r.l

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CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
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Our objectives are based on seriousness, courtesy and punctuality of responses. The internal organization is aimed at satisfying everyone's needs
even the most demanding customers. Prompt deliveries are primary objectives for us.

C. BI. GOMMA 2 operates in the field with highly experienced personnel, therefore able to offer customers high quality products, technical assistance
specialized, in a short time and according to the required needs.

By consulting our virtual catalog you can view a vast range of products:
Handrail profiles for stairs and moving walks - Molding of gaskets and customized products -
Roller coating - Belts for sandblasters and other uses for both heavy and light carpentry.

Over the years, rubber has been increasingly used in very different sectors, as its application varies,
by virtue of its physical and chemical characteristics. The great resistance to impacts, to temperature variations and the resistance to oxidation, hydrolysis and the action of microorganisms,
guarantee a high level of quality and safety. The elastic structure allows an excellent response to vibrations and heavy weights.

High Technology at Your Service


039.6095807 039.6095283
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
Viale delle Industrie, 2120874 Busnago
(Monza e Brianza)

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