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CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
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Industrial seals

Production of industrial gaskets of all types, including on contract, such as:

• Expanded rubber, with closed or open cells, also with adhesive.                                                                                   
• Graphite articles where application at high temperatures or for sealing oils, solvents, vapors, etc. is required.
• Asbestos-free with universal uses: with water, oils, petrol, diesel, air and low to medium-high temperatures. With uses of excellent resistance to pressure, mechanical stress, saturated steam, and high temperatures.
• Washers in standard and non-standard sizes, suitable for all types of industrial use. With the new technology, production is unlimited, in fact it is possible to make any piece requested by having a technical drawing available in PDF, DXF, or DWG, a magnetic support, or with the detection of dimensions from the sample.

039.6095807 039.6095283
CI.BI.GOMMA2 s.r.l
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